Ben Schnell Back to the start - Ben Schnell

Back to the start - Ben Schnell

Greta poses for a picture

Cleaning out and saying goodbye to our old apartment for the last time.

A picture from the day we bought our house

It’s officially ours! #homeowners

Champion a Cause

Holidays are always a great time for reflection for me and this season is no different. My personal mission statement… >> Read More

New Brand Identity for Chattanooga Friends Meeting

I created a new brand identity for the Chattanooga Quaker meeting and it got approved yesterday. See it implemented on… >> Read More

Flying to the eclipse

Taking a flight from Memphis to Nashville today for the #eclipse.

Mermaid Puppy

The baby is one month old. Greta is wearing her mermaid outfit. You can see Eva in it on instagram… >> Read More

4 Views of God

Introduction On episodes 111-114 of Rob Bell’s podcast Rob interviews Pete Rollins on the nature of God. I first heard… >> Read More

Baby Eva is born

After 30 hours of difficult labor Eva Josephine Schnell was born at 6:39 AM on June 7 weighing 7lbs 1oz… >> Read More

41 Weeks

41 weeks today. The due date is always a guess, but when you tell a thousand people when it is,… >> Read More

6 Months vs 9 Months – Natalie on her due date

6 months compared to 9 months. Today is Natalie’s due date – 40 weeks. We joked that if baby came… >> Read More

Waiting on baby

39 weeks and 5 days. I know it happens by accident all the time, but the decision to bring a… >> Read More

Matrices I Like

Matrices I Like I find matrices really interesting. They can provide insight by showing relationships between seemingly unrelated things. As you’ll see… >> Read More

Why I’m a Quaker

If you don’t already know, I recently became a Quaker. It’s a recent development in my life (November 2016), so… >> Read More